Fall of 2023.
The Pogue's Run Bike Trail
Is Taking Shape!


Great Time in The Spades Park Neighborhood - The Pogue's Run Bike Trail!

For the past few years, we've been hearing that there's going to be a new bike trail in our neighborhood. Sometime early in 2023, I had heard not to expect any construction on the trail until Spring of 2024. But look at the progress they are making!

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    Here's the map showing the future trail.

    This has been on display for a couple years.

    Nov 15, 2023 - First Signs of Bike Trail Work

    (Length 9:51 An overview of the coming trail route from a map, from a bicycle and from the sky)

    Nov 12, 2023 - Distracted by Beauty of the Nowland Bridge

    (Length 3:01 Flying around and under the Nowland Bridge)

    Nov 17, 2023 - Surprised by the Progress

    (Length 1:13 A birds-eye view of progress on the trail construction - gravel going down!)

    Nov 28, 2023 - Tearing up Old Nowland Ave

    (Length 2:20 More and more progress - nice shots of cool machines.)

    Dec 9, 2023 - Starting to Put Down Blacktop!

    (Length 4:07 Amazing progress - So many things going on all at once!)

    4k Resolution Version of the Dec 9th Update Here

    Jan 22, 2024 - Drains Installed

    (Length 2:16 More and more progress - Paved, and putting in drains.)

    Feb 11, 2024 - Spades Park Neighborhood Bike Trail Current Overview!

    (Length 3:42 A quick overview of the whole project so far!)

    May 23, 2024 - New Bridge!

    (Length 3:54 Wider Bridge Installed Just East of Rural - Exciting Project! )

    See the full Time Lapse footage here: https://youtu.be/5XVhPlD12KE

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