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Here's my first project - seeing if I could get an idea on film.

I'm paying tuition, so to speak, by doing volunteer film projects and learning how to make things work.
This one is a training video for new residents at a local shelter.

Mary's book needed a promo, so I made sort of a 'movie trailer' for it.

And another view into Mary's art business, this one tries out some ways to improve the storytelling.

Here's a film about Mary preserving life's memories for people - as she does so well. Now it's time for everyone in the world to see this, and to get on the waiting list for having her make one of these!

A guy who is fired up about promoting the local art community had me set up lighting and cameras and audio for an interview. Another guy did the edit that was published locally, but I did my own edit to stretch my wings in that part of the process.

Most Realtor's "virtual tours" are just an automated slideshow of the same pictures that appear on their MLS listing. I made this video for a client to actually tell about the house.

Here's a volunteer project I did for Indy's AA Historical Archives Committee - a film to show at their 75th Anniversary Banquet.

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