For over 40 years, I've been playing with photography, music and film.
I'm ready to help you with your project.
Look at some samples.


Why You Want Marvin working on your film project:

1. Experience
In the early 70s, Marvin bought his first camera at a pawn shop, and got seriously hooked on photography. Within a year, he had studied every book in the public library about photography and landed a job at a local studio.

2. Ingenuity
As a teenager hooked on photography, he had to figure out how to experiment with photo ideas with very little money. Then, on a shoestring budget as a church photographer, he devised ways to get all kinds of work and special effects done, without the expensive gear usually required. This ingenuity stuck with him and helps get jobs done today!

3. Beautiful Shots
Because of his mother's art career, He's been surrounded by good art from the time he was a toddler. And his continued study of composition and lighting really shows when you're wanting something special on film.

4. Strong Audio
I'm sure you've seen those films that WOULD have been good if it weren't for the terrible audio! Marvin watches that carefully and works to make sure that you get good images AND good audio.

Marvin Runge      317-966-7578

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